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Diabetic Supplies

Diabetics have many different diabetic supplies they need to maintain their blood sugar at safe levels. Also, depending on how they manage their diabetes different diabetic supplies are necessary. For example, some diabetics administer insulin with daily injections and others use insulin pumps. This results in the diabetic needing different diabetic supplies. The need for diabetic supplies is ongoing and most diabetics will have most of their diabetic supplies covered in part or whole by their insurance company.

Diabetic Supplies-Insulin

Insulin is important for almost all diabetics to manage their diabetes properly. Some diabetics are able to manage their blood sugar levels through eating, but this is not the case for most. As a result, insulin must be administered. Unfortunately, insulin cannot be taken by mouth because the digestion process would destroy its usefulness. Insulin is only available through a prescription by your doctor.

Diabetic Supplies- Syringes

Some diabetics need syringes as part of their diabetic supplies. The reason why is that insulin may be injected into the body at various sites, usually the arm, abdomen, or thigh. A new syringe must be used for each injection, which means diabetic supplies like syringes are in high demand.

Diabetic Supplies- Insulin Pumps

Other diabetics use insulin pumps to manage their diabetes. Some diabetics choose to use an insulin pump because it improves their quality of life and helps them to manage their blood sugar levels more tightly. An insulin pump is expensive, but many insurance companies provide coverage in part or whole.

Diabetic Supplies- Insulin Pump Accessories

Insulin pumps require various accessories which are sold in a pharmacy’s diabetic supplies section. New catheters, tubing, alcohol swabs, and the like are necessary for diabetics using an insulin pump to manage their diabetes.

Diabetic Supplies- Other

Other diabetic supplies include diabetic shoe inserts, diabetic shoes, test strips, lances, alcohol swabs, and even compression stockings. Most of these diabetic supplies may be purchased at pharmacies and other stores selling these types of items. Each diabetic will have a list of diabetic supplies they need to help them manage their condition based on their doctor’s recommendation.

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